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Encounter with the 5-0

2008-06-20 15:09:02 by ArmorAll

I was at a party last night in my friends backyard, with like 30 other kids. People were drinking and playing BP, and me and 4 other kids were smoking a blunt. There is less than a 3rd of it left and i walked away to take a piss, so i handed it to the next person to smoke it.

When i come back, as im sitting down next to the kid with the blunt. I hear someone yell, and 5 under-cover cops run into the backyard. One of them says "dont you hate when the cops piss on your parade" (I think that was just stupid because it completely defeats the purpose of the expression).

They tell us to empty our pockets for any other weed (I was baked while this was happening). Luckly we packed the blunt with the last of what we had. They tell us to call our parents, and this one kid starts mouthing off to them. (the kid that was holding the blunt). My parents were not home and he was my ride. The cops tell the kid he can't give anyone a ride hom, so that pretty much fucks me over, because im high as hell and im a 2 hour walk away from my house.Luckly my other friends mom came and shes cool with us drinking, and i got a ride from her.

When i get home i get a call from my other friend. He was taking a piss behind the house in the woods when he hears the cops roll up. He dives into the woods and hes telling me how the cops were looking in the woods with flashlights, and how he lied down in the mud for almost 2 hours.
He was piss drunk and lives a couple blocks away from me, and had to walk home.

I havent talked to the girl whos house it was. Shes probably fucked.

I think im done with partys for this month...


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2008-06-20 15:23:12

i remember ma encounter it sucked ok i wuz playing at a party and some1 of my friends was in college brought some beer and a beer bong and i waz just chillin and my friend sez ill give you 20 bucks if you do the beer bong (and he was drunk as hell) i say it cant hurt and i do it get 20 bucks and iget another beer and i had to piss and some guy was throwing up in the bathroom and then we here sirens and they bust the door down every1 ran oiut the back and jumped the gate into tha alley they tackle my best friend and we here 1 go "u fuking pig" and he through a bottle and ran he got cought me darrel and cassandra were the only 3 who got away we go to my house to lay low and then we crash on the couch. man it was fun


2008-06-21 02:03:24

lol my cousin got his ass kicked by the five-0 they says he was in the wrong place or something like that and the sent the dogs after him LOLOLOLOL